telephone interview questions

Telephone Interview Questions

There may be times were you are interviewing for a school or a job that is located within another state or distant city. In these cases, a telephone interview can be conducted instead of having the interview process in person. Generally, telephone interview questions are similar to typical interview questions that would be asked if you were having an interview in person.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to telephone interviews. Some advantages are that you can have some notes next to you to reference while you are on the phone during the interview. A disadvantage to having a telephone interview is that you will not be able to see the person that is interviewing you, which can be bad because you do not have the opportunity of judging their facial expressions. While having a telephone interview, you must pay attention to your tone of voice because this will be one of the ways that the person interviewing you can tell if you are excited, bored, really interested in the job, or if you are genuinely sincere about your answers.

Since the interview will be over the telephone, there are some experiences that may be different than a regular in person interview. One thing to remember is to make your conversation as friendly as possible while still maintaining your professionalism.

The main telephone interview questions that your potential employer may ask are:

  • What interests you about this job and what presses you to put in an application?
  • What salary are you currently earning on your job?
  • If this position requests that you relocate, will you relocate to a distant area?
  • What type of hourly or salary are you expecting to earn for this position?
  • What type of computer skills do you have and how would you rate your competency of your skills?
  • On your last job, what were you greatest accomplishments and how did you meet those goals?

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