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Should I Make a CV or Resume?

Many people ask the question, “should I make a CV or a resume?” The word CV is an acronym for curriculum vitae. A curriculum vitae is very similar to a resume, but there are slight differences. So what’s the difference between an curriculum vitae and a resume? A resume is more focused on a brief synopsis of your education and work experiences and is recommended not to exceed 2 pages in length.

Some recommendations to make great CV

Top Interview Questions recommends that your resume should only be 1 page in length because from our experience in the industry, we know first hand that employers do not want to read a resume that is longer than one page. On the other hand, a curriculum vitae is a fully comprehensive document that explains your education, research, and work experience in a very detailed way. That said, a curriculum vitae is the complete opposite of a resume but still contains the same information. It is recommended that a curriculum vitae be more than 2 pages in length.

In the work force and for the purposes of applying for jobs, the resume is preferred document to use. If you are in an academic field and showcasing your research and books that you have written, then a curriculum vitae is the preferred document to use.

If you have doubts about which type of document to make, always check to see what skills are needed for the type of position that you are applying for. If the skill set is hands on or experience related, then more likely you will need to provide a resume for that particular position. However, if the position requires extensive knowledge and research (such as working for a college as a professor) about a subject but is still based on you previous experience, then the employer will more likely want to have your curriculum vitae so that they can make sure that you background fits perfectly with the job.

Also, make note that when you are applying for jobs and positions at companies or schools, look for the type of document that they want. Some employers will specifically say that they want a candidate to submit and resume, therefore you should abide by their requests and submit a resume. On the other hand, some employers will ask for your curriculum vitae, so you will need to submit the curriculum vitae for those jobs.

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