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How to interview after receiving your Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification

After completing the required weeks of training to become a CNA the next big step is interviewing for a job. There are many employers looking for CNAs in the healthcare field.

I’m sure you have heard it before how hard and taxing this job field will be and that it is not for everyone. As you are looking for jobs you must be ready to answer these questions and have a base knowledge of what is expected of you from your employer. Do research on the company before going into the interview and review of the job site and employees.

Before interviewing call ahead and see what you are expected to wear and how long you will need to be there. Also if they require you to come in a little early to fill out paperwork. Doing this will let you plan your day and move things if needed.

Employers for CNA

Nurse aid supervisor is the person who will be interviewing you. This is the person you will be working under during your time at the facility. There will be other higher up bosses like the supervisor’s boss, the head of nursing, you may also encounter while working as a CNA. The supervisor is the one who will come around and see how you are doing periodically as you work at the facility.

Interview questions frequently asked:

Interview questions frequently asked to nurses

All about you:

While interviewing be ready to answer questions about yourself and how well you work with others. This job will require you to work with peers and superiors as well. These people maybe other CNAs, nurses, specialty doctors, families, and even janitorial staff. Be respectful of everyone.


Everyone has one and it is best to be honest in the interview about them and how you deal with them. Supervisors will want to know how best you handle yourself during these moments and how you can deal with these weaknesses.

Dealing with difficult employees:

Everyone has a horror story of the worst co-worker ever. There is always one or maybe even two that you will encounter that just do not want to do anything or pawn the work off to someone else. During the interview the employer will want to know how you will handle this person and how you will go about working with them. Answer this as truthfully as you can because you may not have encountered anyone like this before.

When things go wrong:

Nurse Aid Supervisors will want to know how you handle yourself in stressful situations that may occur on the floor. Such as if a resident/patient were to fall while you were helping them or if an injury should occur.  Or if every call light is going off and families are there waiting for you to help their loved one. If you freak out easily it is good for the employer to know you can get anxious under pressure, but have a good head about you. Accidents do happen!

Why nursing:

During the interview the   will want to know why you chose this field to go into because it can be very demanding. Answer this honestly and truthfully. You will be working closely with others not only other employees, but with families as well. Being personable during the interview will let the employer see a little bit of how you will interact with others around you.

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