What is the difference between a Resume and a Cover letter

You may think that both the resume and the cover letter serve at proving that you have the right skills for that particular job for which you are applying. If they have a common goal, what is the then the difference between them?

A resume is usually a document that summarizes your employment history and experience. It often lists your former jobs, your education and skills.

The resume is also distinguished by its format. If you want to submit a resume with your job application, you should make sure that your resume is comprehensive. It should list:

  • Your contact information.
  • Your experience section in which you include the titles of your former jobs, a brief description of the positions you held, as well as the dates and places of employment.
  • An education section that includes your certifications and other quantifiable information you judge necessary.

Her is an example of a resume

Example of a good resume

A cover letter is addressed to a particular hiring manager to highlight the qualifications you have and to show that you fit the job for which you are applying.

A cover letter is written in a letter format including three or four paragraphs and addressed to the employer. Try not to exceed one page! No employer likes to spend his day reading long boring cover letters.

Always make sure that the qualifications listed in your cover letter match your background that you presented in the resume, and that all this qualifies you for the job offered.

You should not also forget that before writing your cover letter, take a look at the job requirements the employer has listed in the job posting. This way, you will have an idea about what you should and should not mention in the cover letter.

In addition, a cover letter is our chance to be subjective and to actually address anything that your resume does not.

While the resume states the fact – previous employers, former positions, dates, and places – the cover letter provides your addressee with subjective information. This may include showing your passion, justifying any gaps in your resume, or explaining why that particular company appeals to you.

here is a good example of a cover letter

Good example of a cover letter


To sum up, a cover letter serves to highlight your qualifications, while the resume comes with details that confirm your claims in the cover letter.

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